Our business is about supporting people through the separation and divorce process to make it fair, simpler, less stressful and to save you time and money.

We understand that negotiating divorce is a maze, and we offer one on one divorce coaching through our trained and specialised coaches to help guide you through transition and recovery.

Equal Exes has a trusted network of people who offer practical, legal, financial and emotional support wraparound services. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and will tailor our service packaged to suit your unique requirements.

If you are considering your options, then email our divorce coach Auckland based office at support@equalexes.com for a confidential and  60 minute session.

There are about 10,000 divorces
each year in New Zealand.

So what do we do?

We’re about disrupting the traditional family law process when it comes to divorce. Our aim is to  ensure all New Zealanders going through divorce/separation have the opportunity for a fairer future and are treated equally through the process.

The process currently takes too long, the cost to separate/divorce is prohibitive and at times mind blowing. Often there are inequalities between ex partners that need to be righted and balanced for a fair outcome.

Equal Exes Limited is a unique business that provides case management support and a tailored funding solution to help paying clientele through their divorce or separation.

It aims to achieve balanced and fair outcomes and to:

  • Streamline process to help the parties settle faster
  • Cost less than through existing legal channels
  • Provide case management support to:
  • help navigate through the steps required to go through a formal separation / divorce
  • understand and have empathy during what is an emotional and stressful process
  • direct to additional support services such as lawyers, forensic accountants, counselling, health & wellness specialists, real estate agents, private wealth advisors and more
  • give hope that there is life when on your own/separated
  • reassure that separated parents can still provide a safe and loving environment for their children
  • adjust to different financial situations as two different households

“Meeting up with Bridgette was extremely beneficial before separating. I strongly recommend anyone contemplating or going through separation to meet up with her to understand what lies ahead potentially. Being well informed and having knowledge is the key to negotiating a favourable (or at least ‘acceptable’) settlement.”  Sam

Why Equal Exes exists

If you’ve been married, had a civil union, or have lived together for more than 3 years, any property you and your partner own will be shared equally between you.

If modern marriage is an equal partnership, divorce should be the same, with both parties getting out what they have put in.

But it is often not the case. It is costly and very stressful going through a divorce and can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands when neither party backs down. And children can be caught in the middle of a child custody battle.

Many women in particular are unaware of what they are entitled to financially and don’t have access to the joint finances to be able to start divorce/separation proceedings. Money and assets can be hidden.