The team at Equal Exes know all about divorce/separation first hand, having experienced ourselves the spectrum of outcomes. From amicable separation through to high conflict divorces, that in some cases have included multiple court hearings, meetings with lawyers and endless late nights writing emails and affidavits.

It got us thinking that there must be a better way. A more positive way to get divorced or separated. It should be cost effective, timely and deliver fair and balanced outcomes to all involved. As a result, we decided we were going to do something about this wide reaching issue, negatively affecting so many New Zealanders.

This is what we have learnt from our experiences:

Many people facing divorce or separation are not in a position financially to pay for face-to-face divorce, legal navigation and financial advice.

 Everyday New Zealanders don’t know how to navigate the process or find help – no one plans for this when they first get married, or when they move in together. It is uncharted waters.

 Most people have never had to engage a litigation lawyer, and have no idea how to select a good one, or if the advice you are getting is sound.

 Anyone going through divorce or separation is concerned about the advice/cost/delay and outcomes which on review prove to be unacceptable – for too many Kiwis. 

The greatest concerns for anyone going through divorce or separation are cost, delays, where to seek effective advice and ultimately, worries about life changing outcomes, that upon review, are unsatisfactory for far too many Kiwis.

Divorce and separation are the ultimate levellers., We all know someone – a friend, a family member, a work colleague, who has either been through it is thinking about it, or is going through it right now.

It could even be you. If it is you, the questions and doubts will undoubtedly be flying around your head. There are the personal and emotional uncertainties. Should I or shouldn’t I get divorced? What do I tell the kids?

How do I stop being stuck so I can let go and move on? There are also legal practical questions: What happens in the divorce process? How do I prepare for

settlement or mediation? What questions do I ask my lawyer? When do I even need a lawyer? www.equalexesonline.com Divorce/Separation, Domestic Violence and the Dollars?

What does getting organized for divorce even mean? What is an affidavit? How do I fill an affidavit in?

And, of course, there are financial questions: How am I going to pay for my divorce? What are my assets and liabilities? How do I develop my own financial independence?

These are all incredibly important questions – and they are only just scratching the surface.

The good news is, that Kiwis like you don’t need to feel as if you are floundering alone.

The team at Equal Exes are your expert navigators. We appreciate that you are on an emotional ride and we want to help pilot you through your divorce or separation, and get you back on safe and solid ground as smoothly and quickly as possible. We can help you resolve your pain and suffering and be happy again!  

At Equal Exes, our approach is unique. We will educate and support you through our online management system to assist you to understand your personal situation and your personal goals.

We will help you wade through the murky waters of this stressful time in your life and provide you

with the answers to many of your important questions.

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