About Us

Equal Exes Online is your guide to your journey through separation and divorce.

We started Equal Exes Online because we see friends and relatives experience a terrible time when their relationships break down.  For men, for women and for children, separation and divorce is not easy.

When our Founder, Bridgette Jackson went through her divorce, she said

“When I knew more, when I was better informed, when I knew what was going to happen next in the process I felt calmer and clearer about my situation.”

Equal Exes Online is your partner on your journey.  Our goal is to help smooth your path, to help you make informed choices and to make your future life the way you want.

Why did we start Equal Exes Online now?

     There are around 10,000 divorces each year in New Zealand, plus many separations where people are not married.

     Equal Exes Online is a guide to support you to “Find The Good In Goodbye”.

     Having clear-headed guidance which will provide you with options that will smooth your path.

    Our goal is to make separation and divorce fair.

    By providing our support online, you can get the help you want, when you need it.

We have free articles, a weekly newsletter, in-depth workbooks and detailed masterclasses in our Membership Programme covering the main areas where you need support. 

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