Equal Exes are the leading Divorce / Separation coaching and settlement experts in New Zealand.

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Our aim is to help people, just like you, achieve positive custody settlements and better financial outcomes. 

Our face-to-face and online resources and coaches emotionally empower and educate people who are navigating the separation and/or divorce process.

Divorce/Separation is like a tornado. 

It can rip through your home with the potential for destroying not only every aspect of your own life but also disrupting the lives of everyone around you.

It stirs up a whirlwind of fear, anxiety, depression, and confusion. After the onslaught has wrecked havoc, you’re left sitting there holding the pieces in your hands, even when time continues moving forward, leaving you broken and alone in its wake.

Divorce is among the most wrenching experiences anyone can go through.

But despite how it feels, divorce is not the end. 

You can positively regain your footing as you begin to understand what’s really happened.

You can learn to live again as you start to recognise the potential that lies ahead of you, even with this newly reordered set of circumstances.

You can view this experience in such a way that it does not cripple or devastate you for the remainder of your life.

Equal Exes are proud to be working with Equal Group Workplace Support and are excited to be rolling out new corporate programmes supporting Kiwi employers in delivering confidential divorce and separation support to their staff via the workplace.

Funding Available

We have lending available to pay your divorce coaching fees in full if you should need it.

How to Help and Support an Employee Navigate Separation or Divorce

How to Help and Support an Employee Navigate Separation or Divorce

How to help and support an employee navigate separation or divorce. Ending…

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start in the separation process?

Whether you are on the fence about whether you should leave or not, are a couple who want to go through the process amicably, or are already embroiled in a messy separation, we would love to help.