Dividing Your Things
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Case Study

Helen and Arthur have been married for 35 years and have decided to separate. Helen has no idea what assets and liabilities means. Helen would like to stay in the house and keep all of their art but Arthur wants to sell the pictures and take 75% of the proceeds because he bought them and some were from his family.


Helen came to Equal Exes Online seeking help with understanding how to divide their shared things. She started by reading articles that explained what assets and liabilities are and how they apply to a relationship. Then she felt empowered to walk through their home, writing a list of everything they shared, including furniture and the art collection and even the kitchen cutlery. This gave her a list to start a discussion with her ex about what he wanted, what she wanted and to see where the area of overlap was. She then went to see a divorce financial planner expert and a lawyer to get their input and advice on how to proceed.

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