Domestic Violence
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Case Study

Raj and Melinda have been married for 9 years and have three children. Raj is feeling worthless and under-confident because Melinda tells him that he is not a good father and she’s earning all the money and he feels she can call the shots because of this.

He hasn’t decided whether to stay or leave the relationship but he does realise that Melinda’s actions constitute verbal abuse and that the situation needs to change.

Equal Exes Online offered Raj a couple of workbooks which helped him to learn new communication skills and assess whether he wanted to stay or leave. He chose to deepen his understanding of personality types with the Toxic Ex workbook and alongside he also read the Domestic Violence workbook – combining the knowledge of how to communicate. He learnt how to use strategies to avoid escalating conflict in communication and this helped him to start the process of discussion with Melinda.

Bronwyn has been with her husband for 15 years and they have three children living at home. She finds that when she meets her friends or goes shopping she has to wear long sleeves to hide her bruises.

Her husband is physically abusing her but she’s scared to leave in case he takes the children because she hasn’t got a job, and been staying at home looking after the children. She now feels unconfident because her husband puts her down all the time and blames her for the violent arguments even though everyone else can see it’s not her fault.

A friend buys Bronwyn the Equal Exes Online Workbook on Domestic Violence and together they start to write a safety plan for her. She starts with the chapter about how to recognise if you are in an abusive relationship, the “blame game” chapter and how communication strategies can empower her to minimise conflict while she sets up her safety plan.

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