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Case Study

Gary and Kaye have been married for 18 years, have 3 teenage children and were living separate lives for quite a while – they are more like flat mates than husband and wife. She was a stay at home Mum, and he has been on a very good income; she has access to all the bank accounts and looked after the household finances. Once Kaye decided it was time to move on, she was worried that Gary would turn nasty when she told him.

Equal Exes Online gave Kaye assistance on how to transition out of the relationship financially and emotionally. Kaye started with the Equal Exes Online Workbook on Money and Mindset. She worked on her money needs for a period of 12 months before she made the decision to leave the marriage by which stage she had started a part time job so she knew she could support herself and she was also able to prepare a lot of the documentation to take to legal advisors when she did leave. Kaye left the relationship feeling very empowered.