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Case Study

Kylie knows all she does is keep going on and on about her story of divorce and feels that she can’t even see a life in which she sets aside her emotions and lets go of what “could have been”. She has not dated anyone since she was a teenager.

She would like to meet someone but is afraid of all the horror stories she hears. She is not sure when the right time to date even is. Her ex managed their money and now Kylie finds she has to make decisions about work or career and cannot yet manage her monthly budget so she has enough money to live on. She doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past – or get stuck there, reliving old stories.

Equal Exes Online helped Kylie realise there are several overlapping areas she needs to work on while redefining herself for her new life. She started with her emotional baggage in the New Beginnings workbook. This taught her how to “let go” and stop harking back to her past relationship. Later, she also addressed her money knowledge and career needs with some individual expert advice.

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