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The Process of Separation
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Case Study

Winnie has been told by her partner that he is leaving her. He says he will take her to court if she doesn’t immediately agree to sell their house. She has put a lot of time and effort into renovating the home because she works part time. She wants to try and stay there.

She needs to understand the different options around separation. A friend told her that legal routes are really expensive which made her worry.

Equal Exes Online helped Winnie to understand that there are a range of options, including court and to help her work out which route to try first and which to try second if the first didn’t work. Court is not necessarily expensive if approached with the right advisor who has competence and track record in dealing with situations like Winnie’s. She started by buying our workbook “The Process of Separation” which helped her understand the steps she could take and the different options so she could work out which she preferred.

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