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Case Study

Simon was at his wits end. Every single day his ex-partner sends him 100 texts and 50 emails abusing him about leaving her. Then she contacted all his family and told them what an awful husband and father he is.

It upsets him so much that he replies to every email and text with anger in his voice – he won’t speak to her but the emails and texts reflect his state of mind.

He knows that he needs to learn how to communicate effectively with her for the sake of their children who are still young.

The mistake he makes is engaging with her which in turn escalates the conflict – this gives her license to reply to his message which means more emails, more anger and greater emotional toll.

Through Equal Exes Online Simon learns about different personality types and which one applies to his ex. He starts to understand which triggers affect his situation and how to assess his approach to high conflict situations, evaluate his communication style and identify his strengths and weaknesses to each approach. He also learned how to develop strategies to engage in assertive and constructive conversations with his ex and identify enablers and barriers to his strategies that helped ensure they are implemented successfully and to start having constructive and positive communication.

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