Conflict Coaching

Do you find yourself in conflict with your partner or soon to be ex? 

Are you having issues in your workplace? Are you in a dispute with your neighbour, a family friend or one of your children or others? Is your business being affected by conflict?


Interpersonal conflict is an inevitable and normal part of our personal and professional lives. However, many people avoid it altogether or otherwise handle it in ways that are counterproductive for themselves and others. As a consequence of ill-managed conflict work, personally and professionally, those in conflict find themselves paying high financial and other unnecessary costs in order to resolve the disputes.

To help you manage better your interpersonal disputes, one on one CINERGY Conflict Coaching will not only help you reduce the confusion that comes with conflict, it will also help you gain increased confidence and competence to engage more effectively at these times.


During your conflict coaching sessions Equal Exes and Equal Relationships will assist you to:

This package would be highly beneficial to complete alongside Equal Exes’ Preparing for Mediation package.

Conflict management coaching is also used in other contexts, such as workplace disputes.

This specialized coaching framework may be used before conflict arises (when it is anticipated), while going through a dispute, or after a conflict when residual negativity lingers and also assists people to participate in mediation, negotiations and other Alternative Dispute Resolution processes.

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