Divorce Coaching Packages

Are you on the fence about whether to stay or go?

In this package we can help you make informed decisions around one of the hardest decisions you’ll make: whether you should stay or leave.

This package is designed for people who have a limited budget, are partly sorted, or have a specific need.

Designed for people who want the full service – including a strategy for approaching your settlement, combined with support to get you through the process.

This package is ideally suited to couples, or to people who want to ‘divorce well’ and achieve an amicable, mediated, fast settlement for the lowest possible cost.


Do you need assistance with paying your divorce coaching fees?

Divorce can present big challenges to your finances – even before a decision is made. We have external lending options available to pay for your divorce coaching fees in full, should you need it. Approval can be made within a business day of your application. You simply pay a flat interest rate of 1.85% of the funded amount per monthly instalment plus an application fee of $95


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* We offer you help navigating the legal process, not legal advice.