Settlement Strategist & Separation/Divorce Coach

The Equal Exes team is the leading divorce/separation coaching and settlement expert in New Zealand. Our aim is to help people, just like you, achieve positive custody settlements and better financial outcomes. Our face-to-face and online resources and coaches emotionally empower and educate people who are navigating the separation and/or divorce process.

Divorce/Separation has been described as being similar to a tornado. It can rip through your home with the potential for destroying not only every aspect of your own life but also disrupting the lives of everyone connected with you. It stirs up a whirlwind of fear, anxiety, depression, and confusion. After the onslaught has done its worst, you’re sitting there holding the pieces in your hands, even when time continues moving forward, leaving you broken and alone in its wake. Divorce is among the most wrenching experiences anyone can go through.

But despite how it feels, divorce is not the end. You can regain your footing as you begin to understand what’s really happened. You can learn to live again as you start to recognise the potential that lies ahead of you, even with this newly reordered set of circumstances. You can bundle this experience in such a way that it does not cripple or devastate you for the reminder of your life.

(Sourced and adapted from “Experiencing Divorce” – H. Norman Wright)

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A Divorce Coach/Settlement Expert will help you move forward.

They will help you take the high road, and make the best possible decisions for YOUR future based on your wants, needs, and concerns. The team specialises in ensuring clients, like yourself, get the positive result you deserve when it comes to settling your relationship property settlements. When times are tough you need someone to hold your hand and guide you in a positive direction so you can move forward and have a new beginning.

We make the difficulty easy for you by proactively managing your case. The outcomes we get for you include:

  • We know the stressors – financial, legal, and emotional – we have walked in your shoes.
  • We want your scenario to be sorted out in a timely fashion – avoid the common mistakes and roadblocks.
  • Assist you to get an enhanced financial outcome as it relates to your relationship property settlement agreement.
  • Ensure you are co-parenting in an effective way so you are focused on the best interests of your children.
  • Cost-effective – ensuring your case is managed tightly and your divorce team is held accountable. We want to help you to avoid unnecessarily racking up thousands of dollars during this process.
  • Improved wellbeing – emotionally and physically you will feel better and less stressed as your Divorce Expert will efficiently help you keep your emotions in check as you go through the process.
  • We make the complex less complex – a “one-stop shop” of expert advisors to call on.
  • Equal Exes have a successful track record in holding client’s hands as a sounding board/thinking partner.

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