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We have engaged a panel of experts who will give you specific advice and support you on how to prepare well during the separation/divorce journey.

If you are seeking to expand your business, grow your revenues, increase your profits, and, improve performance and results find out the right business to support you moving forward with your plans.

Giles Ellis – GECA Chartered Accountants

Giles is a Chartered Accountant and trusted Business Adviser. His commercial background allows him to provide insight and services that help his clients to grow their businesses and increase their profits. Giles is known for his ability to provide solutions, his passion for the business world and his proactive and creative approach.

You can call Giles on 0800 758 766 or drop him an email at Giles@geca.co.nz


You may be changing career, re-starting work after a break or wanting to set up a business to work from home. Find career and business advisors to support you. 

Emma Mclean – Works for Everyone

Emma is the Founder and CEO of Works for Everyone, who are working parent advocates. Emma can help you re-connect with what you want from a job, get clarity on what your strengths are and gift you the space to figure out your next step.

You can call Emma Mclean on 027 412 8242 or drop her an email at emma@worksforeveryone.co.nz


If you are after personal development, someone who can support you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. Or you would like to understand your relationship better, find a coach that can support you.

Bridgette Jackson – Equal Exes

Bridgette is a Divorce/Relationship Coach, Settlement Strategist, Mediator, qualified lawyer, and a trained collaborative practicer. She is the founder of Equal Exes and as a divorce coach she can support you through the separation and divorce process to make it fair, simpler, less stressful and to save you time and money.

You can call Bridgette on 021 895 032 or drop her an email at bridgette@equealexes.com


Move your life past your separation/divorce and start dating again. Find the right professional that can support you and give back your confidence for a new beginning.

Find out professionals that are able to help you with all aspects of being a parent. Also, get external support for your family’s needs will give you “me time”. 


Jacqlin Richards – Your Parent Journey

She is a Mother, Parent Empowerment Mentor, Speaker, Facilitator and Author who is deeply passionate about bringing greater awareness to the way we raise our children & teens.

Through 1:1 Mentoring Programs, Workshops, Online Programs and Speaking Engagements, she helps Men and Women to empower themselves into a very different way of being a Parent.

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Money is an important part of your life. Get advice on the financial choices and options available to you.

Brigette Arnold – Cambridge Partners

Brigette is based in Auckland and advises both private clients and institutional investors, specialising in working with Kiwi and Māori entities.
She support clients through their investment journey and helping them to reach their goals and objectives. Brigette is passionate about building the financial knowledge and investment capability of her clients ensuring they have clarity through this experience.

You can call Brigette on 0800 864 164 or drop her an email at brigette.arnold@cambridgepartners.co.nz



Trent Bradley – Luminate Financial Group

Trent has worked in the finance sector for over 20 years and brings with him a breadth of experience in helping clients make sound and secure financial decisions.
Luminate is a finance and advisory company that can help you get secured loans and unsecured loans.

He works hard to ensure that his clients get the best possible deal, and has relationships with many diverse contacts in the field. 

You can call Trent on 021 340 270 or drop him an email at trent@luminate.co.nz


Your physical and emotional well-being is important. Having a robust body and mind will help you during your separation and divorce journey.


Rachel Grunwell – Inspired Health

Wellness coach, yoga + meditation teacher and author of book – Balance: Food, Health+Happiness.

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Get legal advise from specialists in separation/divorce. 

Blair Strang – Family Law Barrister

Blair has been practicing law since 2008 specializing in all aspects of family law and has obtained excellent outcomes for clients, whether by way of negotiation, mediation, or through the Family Court. He does a considerable amount of work for women’s refuge in the Auckland area, victim support, and the New Zealand Police.

He regularly appears in the family court on a broad range of matters including the care of children, guardianship matters, relationship property, domestic violence, paternity, adoption, and child youth & family proceedings.
Blair also appeared in the Maori land court regarding succession of title
and whanau estates.

You can call Blair on 027 2011 240 or drop him an email at blair@blairstrangbarrister.co.nz



Services to help you frame your marriage or de facto relationship in the best way possible to avoid a future separation or divorce.

Whether you own a house or want to buy or sell, get advice from property experts.

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