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Equal Exes provides face to face/Zoom and online divorce/separation guidance and resources for people facing separation and divorce.  

Our guidance will help you think through your personal situation and clarify the options and choices you have so you can move forward. 

Contact our support team on support@equalexes.com and we will refer you to one or our divorce coaches.  

Funding is available. 
We have lending available to pay your divorce coaching fees in full if you should need it. All you need to do is fill in an application form and approval will be made within one business day. You can spread your payments over a period of up to 6 months. There is a small interest rate of 1.85% per monthly instalment (or 22.30% per annum) and an application fee of $95. 

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Are you interested? Please contact us at support@equalexes.com

Contact our support team on support@equalexes.com with your query.

Equal Exes is not able to give you independent legal advice.  

Contact support@equalexes.com for more information about our services. Part of what we do is refer you to lawyers who align with your style and approach. 

Check out our Expert Advisors page for professionals who you can consult on an individual basis.  

Yes, Equal Exes has free articles on our blog, some free e-books and daily free information on our social media pages. 

Contact our support team on support@equalexes.com and we will help. Feel free to suggest a topic which we do not have a workbook on. 

We have a registered office in Westmere, Auckland, so if you need one on one guidance you can book a free 15 minute call here. 

Our service is designed for residents of New Zealand.  However, much of it is good practice based on experience and so can be applied in other countries with a different legal system.  We do not warrant any of our advice if you do not live in New Zealand and are not subject to New Zealand law. 

No, we offer help to navigate the legal process, not legal advice.

The legal guidance offered on Equal Exes’ website/other mediums is not legal advice. We will assist you, as a customer, to navigate or direct you to appropriate resources that will guide and educate you depending on your situation. If you need legal advice, retain a lawyer to represent you in any legal business to assist, to counsel and potentially to act on your behalf in legal proceedings and to appear on your behalf in court. You will be their client and you will deal with them face to face or via other methods of communication including email and phone. 

We do our best to select experts who have a track record of success and a good reputation.  We do not warrant any of the services or advice provided by third party expert advisors.  We try to have more than one expert advisor listed in each category so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best.  

Customers are recommended to contact each advisor and to have an initial meeting or telephone discussion during which the expert answers questions before making a decision to hire the expert. 

We know separation and divorce can be tough.  May we suggest you ask a friend to come and help you complete the workbook?  And set aside a short amount of time (40 minutes) to work on it every three days?  

Dividing the task of completing the workbook into short chunks can make it more manageable.  

Equal Exes are proud to be working with Equal Group Workplace Support and are excited to be rolling out new corporate programmes supporting Kiwi employers in delivering confidential divorce and separation support to their staff via the workplace.

Funding Available

We have lending available to pay your divorce coaching fees in full if you should need it.

The True Value of a Good Advisor

The True Value of a Good Advisor

The True Value of a Good Advisor Divorce can be a stressful…

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Whether you are on the fence about whether you should leave or not, are a couple who want to go through the process amicably, or are already embroiled in a messy separation, we would love to help.