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Equal Exes is the leading separation/divorce coaching business in New Zealand.

Our aim is to help people, just like you, achieve better financial outcomes and positive custody results. Our coaching sessions emotionally empower and educate people who are navigating the separation and/or divorce process.

Clarity, empathy, and confidence.

Enhanced financial outcomes.

Less stress, timely, and cost-effective.

Expert Advice.

“What Bridgette has helped me achieve has literally been life-changing.  I felt trapped, had tried to enact change in my relationship for coming up to 5 years, then I met Bridgette and from that point forward she kept me focused, strong and achieved a separation that will have a material difference in our lives.

If it wasn’t for Bridgette we would all still be living a miserable existence under the same roof. Now we are all happy, confident, and settled.”

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 How our team can assist you?

Bridgette is a trained mediator and has found that many clients (& ex-spouses) are willing to be amicable, collaborate, and undertake informal mediations around their custody and relationship property matters. This avoids the parties having to engage in legal battles that ultimately place more stress and expense on both parties.

However, when it comes to the relationship property each party must have an independent divorce lawyer or family court lawyer as they need legal advice before they sign their respective divorce settlement agreement.

Meet Bridgette Jackson

Bridgette is the Founder of Equal Exes.

She is an experienced entrepreneur, with many years in the public eye within the women’s health space. Bridgette is a Divorce & Settlement Expert, a CDC Certified Divorce/Separation Coach, a qualified lawyer, and has a post-graduate dispute resolution qualification. She is also a certified mediator.

Separation / Divorce Coaching

Equal Exes divorce coaches will help you take the high road, and make the best possible decisions for divorce and we will guide you in terms of your future based on your wants, needs, and concerns. We want to ensure that you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that can be made when you go through the process.

Settlement Strategists

We make the difficult easy for you by proactively managing your case through our Successful Settlements Programme. The outcomes we get for you includes, we know the stressors – financial, legal and emotional.

Informal Mediations

Informal Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process in which a neutral third party(s) assists disputing parties in reaching a resolution.