divorce coaching

How can the power of divorce coaching help you?

Bridgette would like to share a client story with you.

Let’s call her Jane. Jane didn’t know which way to turn after her husband left her for another woman. She felt emotionally overwhelmed and was so worried about what her future would hold. Then there were the three children to think about and her finances as a single person. She has questions flying around her head like “Where do I start with the paperwork with my lawyer ?”, “How much custody can I have of the children”, “Is my lawyer the right fit for me?”, “I haven’t managed the family finances so how do I know what I am entitled to?”, “What is my new life going to look like?”, “Do I need to have a will?”, “What is the process of divorce as I have no idea?”, “Why do I need a house valuation?” and “Can I afford to buy another house?”  and “What do I do as a job as I haven’t worked for 10 years?”.

Firstly, Bridgette put a roadmap in place so Jane knew exactly what her divorce journey would look like. It gave her clarity and confidence that down the track that Bridgette would help her reach a successful settlement with her ex-spouse in relation to both her children and financial outcomes.  From there they focused on getting her organised by working through her paperwork. Bridgette helped her draft her legal affidavits and guided her in writing scripts and role playing so she could communicate effectively with her ex-husband. The relationship property (what they own and what they owe) agreement was signed soon after.

Then Bridgette worked with Jane on the emotional aspects of her divorce that she was struggling with. What would her new beginnings like? Through the coaching process, Jane transformed through self-discovery focusing on her new purpose and identity in life. After our coaching she was better able to handle her emotions so she could positively make changes in her life so she could move forward.

Bridgette talked Jane through her parenting plan and guided her through the ins and outs of co-parenting. The next step is to ensure Jane is financially independent in her new life, and cement a parenting agreement that works for her, her former partner and her children.

In the meantime Jane has working through all of the overwhelm and is now seeing the future she never ever thought she would ever have.  The relationship property (what she and her husband owned and owed) agreement has been settled and she has bought a house (with the guidance of a mortgage broker, an Equal Exes Expert Advisor) and she has new passions/activities that she never thought she could do. She has even taken up paddle boarding! Jane has a new career too as a real estate agent and loves it! She didn’t think this was possible but through the power of coaching Jane moved from Pain Island to Happy Island!

This week Bridgette had the opportunity to talk to Roman Travers, The Magic Talk Radio Show about what divorce coaches actually do. Divorce Coaches (aka Your Sounding Board, Thinking Partner) know and understand first-hand the impact that divorce can have on individuals and families. They bring compassion and confidence into their coaching and enable their clients to focus on the business part of the divorce rather than become overwhelmed at the emotional aspect of the process.


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