How Do You Tell Your Kids About Your Divorce? 

Here’s how to handle it when your child is 0 – 5 years old.

* What you need to watch for – signs of distress include fear, anger and emotional instability which could be displayed as clinginess, anxiety, whinging or irritability. Your toddler may also go backwards in terms of their development or start waking up during the night more often.
* What are your priorities as a parent? Consistent care and nurturing will give your kids a sense of stability and reassurance. Your kids normal routines (meals, play, bath, bed) need to continue with one parent being present. This age group needs simple concrete explanations including when and which parent is moving, where he/she will live, who will look after him/her and how often they will see each parent.
* Be prepared for his/her numerous questions, provide short answers and expect to have several conversations with your wee one about your divorce.

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