Jayme Rare

Operations Manager


Jayme brings to the Equal Exes team 20+ years of experience in Marketing and Management. Having spent most of her career as the owner and operator of one of the leading IT firms in Los Angeles, she understands the full scope of what it takes to keep a company not just growing but thriving.

In 2016, Jayme recognised how taxing it was on employees who were living up to corporate demands. She witnessed the lack of education, resources, and tools for preventative healthcare, especially for aiding the nervous system, reducing stress, and balancing out emotional overwhelm. Jayme then set out to uncover the most efficient ways to support the people in her community in reducing stress and creating a harmonious work/life balance, and after three years of research and training, she founded her own holistic healing practice.

The winds of change were upon her in 2022, when she made the decision to relocate to New Zealand. Joining the Equal Exes team couldn’t have been more of a perfect fit. She had been navigating through the process of separation with a long-term relationship at the time, so she could see first-hand the value and expertise that Equal Exes offers in supporting their clients through such a difficult transition with not only dignity, but grace and compassion.

“I feel really honoured to be part of a team where all staff members have a heart-centred and therapeutic leadership style that is so much like my own. We all work so well together, and not only are we making a difference in the world by enriching the lives of our clients, but we have so much fun in the process. It’s a synergy that I really admire and feel so thankful to be a part of.”

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