Kelly Sutton


Kelly is an accredited mediator, a relationship mediator and certified divorce coach and transition and recovery coach. Kelly also specialises in premediation [divorce] coaching to help clients prepare, plan for, and confidently navigate and engage in the [divorce] mediation process through individualised support and skill building.

Kelly is of Ngai Te Rangi descent and lives between Te Whanganui-a-Tara and Tāhuna, Aotearoa (Wellington and Queenstown, New Zealand).

Kelly’s background is in law where she practised as a corporate, tax and private equity lawyer for many years in New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Her interest in divorce coaching and mediation developed after going through her own divorce as a mother of three children under 10. Ten years later she has a successful co-parenting and business relationship with her ex-husband.

As a child of divorce, raised as a teenager by her father, Kelly has first-hand experience of the importance of children maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents post-divorce, and is accuely aware of the effect divorce has on men and their essential role as fathers.

Today, Kelly co-parents effectively and owns and operates a nationwide business with her ex, and through her own experience and training, she is able to share her strategies to help others through separation.

In particular, Kelly has a strong background in coaching senior executives and business owners struggling with separation and divorce along with the everyday stresses of work. Kelly is excited to be part of the Equal Exes team and their corporate programme which supports executives, business owners and staff by delivering confidential divorce and separation support to ensure they can navigate their personal journey faster and continue to operate effectively at work without disruption.

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