Kerre McIvor discusses divorce

Bridgette was on Newstalk ZB with Kerre McIvor when the topic for discussion was divorce and separation.

Kerre asks

The length of time it takes to divorce – there should be a time limit.

Was this due to failures in the legal system or difficulties from your partner or their lawyer?

Would it be possible to use one lawyer to “rubber-stamp” a divorce decision?

She described Bridgette as “The ideal person to talk to about this subject.”

Bridgette talks about her high-conflict divorce “It really took its toll on me emotionally physically and financially.”

Everyday kiwis need extra help with divorce and separation.

What I love about what I do is to help people through the process – as a sounding board – my clients feel empowered.

Divorce is at the top of the stress continuum. 

Help people to seek the right lawyer for them – get the questions to ask a lawyer [How to choose a lawyer who won’t fuel your divorce or separation]

What you want is an amicable split and to become co-parents in the best interest of their children.

All goes well until the money subject comes up.  It’s a huge driver of conflict.

People need to be informed. 

Sometimes professionals lead clients down a path that isn’t appropriate.

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