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I’ve got a big announcement to make about our online Membership

I hope you are doing well in lockdown. I’ve got a big announcement to make about my new online membership programme.

This lockdown has been such a blessing in disguise.  I know it shocked me when it first started but to be honest, the progress we’ve made with Equal Exes Online has been gigantic.
My vision for a self-guided educational membership where ordinary kiwis can go to get help and advice for their separation or divorce is now fully live.

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Course content for 8 Cornerstones and detail of lessons and workbooks you get

You are a huge part of Equal Exes Online

I know that self-help is only going to get folks part of the way through their divorce or separation.

My goal for the Equal Exes Online Membership is a journey – and this Membership is at its heart.

Here’s how it goes.

When you join the Membership Programme as part of the membership you get every article, workbook, ebook and masterclass we have ever written for a limited time for $9.99 per month. Once lockdown is over it will go up to the recommended retail price of $37.00 a month.

The reason why I have decided to launch this membership is that I know on average it takes most people 18 months to complete their divorce/separation journey. During which time, you need support and advice around different questions that arise. Being part of this membership will give you access to the 8 Cornerstones plus any new information or new videos and new articles that we will be releasing in the membership area.

As you work through the Membership Programme you may find you need more and different advice as you move from thinking about separating towards drawing up a parenting plan or a relationship property agreement.  It’s all in one place – the Membership Programme.

Getting the Word Out

I need help right now with promoting the Membership Programme – I want people who are really in a separation or divorce situation to become a member.


You have been part of the success that Equal Exes Online is already generating.  We know that Kiwis really need the advice we have in our membership programme.  Lockdown has been such a stress on Kiwi families – we know domestic violence has increased and the need for such a cost effective and timely membership is growing and growing.

Positively yours,


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