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Money matters. By knowing your numbers you will make the best financial decision for your future. Equal Exes Online will help you through your choices so your future takes a better path.

What is your situation now?

1 I don’t know how much money we spend each month.

2 My partner handles all the money things - I use a joint credit/ debit card.

3 I feel dependent on my partner for money and I worry that I don’t have my own income.

4 Can I afford to pay for my children to do their activities after we split?

5 Someone mentioned economic disparity - what is that? Does it affect me?

6 Should I try and stay in our house, buy another house or should I rent now we’re apart?

7 I got some money after we separated but I don’t know what to do with it.

8 We have two households now and the bills are going up fast.

You need to do some careful thinking, regardless of which of these situations you are in.  Equal Exes Online will help guide your decisions so you make the right choice for you.

Take our Money Quiz

This will help you to work out your approach to money and how you can manage it without it managing you.  Based on your answers, we will make suggestions about things you can do. 

What is your situation now?

Read a case study

Gary and Kaye have been married for 18 years, have 3 teenage children and were living separate lives for quite a while – they are more like flat mates than husband and wife. She was a stay at home Mum, and he has been on a very good income; she has access to all the bank accounts and looked after the household finances. Once Kaye decided it was time to move on, she was worried that Gary would turn nasty when she told him…

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I want more help

Move forward in your decision making with our Money Workbook.

In this self-guided book, we coach you through the issues and decisions you need to make.  You will work at your own pace and can edit and review your answers carefully so that at the end you are clearer about what choices are available to you and what your next steps can be.

The chapters include:

1 Know Your Numbers.

2 Understand yourself and how you handle money.

3 Moving on financially - what to do and how to do it.

Expert Advisors

Equal Exes Online works with a group of paid expert advisors who have strong track records in helping you address the issues and situations that arise during divorce and separation. Each has a different specialisation, area of expertise and different charging rates. One size does not fit all so we have collated this group of experts to help you find the best person for you who will give you the best advice.