Nikki Bould


Nikki is an accredited mediator who also brings 15 years’ experience in Human Resources. She has a proven background in conflict resolution and managing interpersonal relationships.

Nikki became a mediator and coach to help people get “unstuck” from their stories and move on from conflict – either in the workplace or in their personal relationships.

Workplace matters:
Standard methods for resolving workplace conflict can be very time-consuming, expensive and damaging to team morale.

Nikki is driven to achieve faster, more amicable, reality-tested resolutions for her clients. As an independent third party, she helps employers and employees uncover underlying issues to identify sustainable solutions, negating the need for parties to seek legal representation or a ruling from the Employment Relations Authority.

Family matters:
If you are worried about how your children will be affected by your divorce, Nikki would love to talk with you. Her speciality uses mediation techniques for managing emotions and improving communication between couples in conflict. She is passionate about assisting divorcing parents who are struggling to navigate the change in their relationship from spouse to co-parent. In either joint or individual sessions, Nikki enables parents to develop strategies for effective co-parenting to create a hopeful future for themselves and their children.

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