Equal Exes are the leading Divorce / Separation coaching and settlement experts in New Zealand.

Our Approach

There are five core aspects that need to be considered during any separation or divorce:

Most traditional approaches to divorce focus on the legal aspect, with some of the financial and family considered; very few take a holistic approach to ensure you come out of a divorce financially, emotionally, and physically strong.

At Equal Exes, we believe in addressing all five quadrants – working with you on the areas you most need support in while always keeping an eye on the big picture.

During any of our programmes, we will cover areas customised to your scenario, including but not limited to:

Parenting effectively through divorce and co-parenting

  • We will help you with the tools to focus on what’s best for you children, establish healthy boundaries for yourself and others, and get clarity around an effective co-parenting strategy.
  • Work together with your ex to finalise a parenting plan in the best interests of your children.

Dealing with a toxic ex

  • Learn how to deal with high-conflict personality types and to safely parallel parent with your ex (or adapt to solo parenting).
  • We’ll help you build resilience, develop assertive communication through roleplay, resolve conflict positively, manage your post-separation relationship, and more!

Pre-mediation coaching preparation

  • We’ll provide you with workbooks to help you focus on understanding third-party mediation, the 4 key decision-making skills you need to practice, your future with the other party, the other party’s point of view, the best and worst outcomes, finding solutions, ways to solve the options on the table, reality testing your options, and more.

Informal mediations

  • To keep your need for lawyers as low as possible, we also informally mediate people’s relationship property and custody agreements – getting you to a result you are both comfortable with.

New beginnings

  • With tools to help you let go of harmful emotional attachments and the freedom to make different choices, you will re-discover your personal strengths – redefining yourself so you can get back on your feet and thrive.

Equal Exes are proud to be working with Equal Group Workplace Support and are excited to be rolling out new corporate programmes supporting Kiwi employers in delivering confidential divorce and separation support to their staff via the workplace.

Funding Available

We have lending available to pay your divorce coaching fees in full if you should need it.

The True Value of a Good Advisor

The True Value of a Good Advisor

The True Value of a Good Advisor Divorce can be a stressful…

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