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Our team

Bridgette Jackson - CEO

Bridgette Jackson is the Founder of Equal Exes. She is an experienced entrepreneur, with many years in the public eye within the women’s health space. Bridgette is a Divorce & Settlement Expert, a CDC-certified Divorce/Separation Coach, a qualified lawyer, and has a post-graduate dispute resolution qualification. She is also a certified mediator. Bridgette has also appeared in various podcasts and publications (both print and online) – www.stuff.co.nz, www.newshub.co.nz, MindFood and Woman’s Day. She is a regular commentator on the Cafe, AM Show, and Magic Talk radio as well.

Bridgette brings formal training, business experience, and personal insight and empathy to the business. She has experienced her own complex, expensive and prolonged high conflict divorce, and is a mother of four children. It was during this stressful time that she got thinking there must be a better and more positive way to get divorced or separated.
She set up Equal Exes to make the world a better place by enhancing the wellbeing of clients who are going through divorce/separation. She has created a less costly, less time-consuming process that understands the emotional impact while still delivering fair outcomes for women and men contemplating, going through, or rebuilding themselves post-divorce or separation. Bridgette is well known for delivering successful financial settlement outcomes from difficult relationship situations.  

Also, Bridgette launched an online divorce/separation platform that assists everyday Kiwis to navigate their separation/divorce journey. This online platform ensures that people get the privacy and support they need, when and where they need it. Ultimately Bridgette has set up her businesses to ensure that others do not have to go through the same difficult scenario she has been through.

Bridgette has spent several years solely focusing on being a mum and managing the household after she and her former husband sold they’re co-founded and successful catalog retail company, Castle Hampers in Australia. Bridgette led the administration, marketing, charity, and human resources portfolios of the business. Prior to setting up Equal Exes, Bridgette worked as the Head of Relationships at Oi (Organic Initiative), a fast-growing social enterprise committed to removing plastic and synthetics from personal hygiene products. She has also had senior roles for New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (NZGCF) in General Management and as Trustee and Acting-Chair. NZGCF has a special place in Bridgette’s heart as her mother died from ovarian cancer in September 2009.

Mayline Prigol - Digital Marketing & Executive Support

Mayline has extensive experience working as an executive assistant and with the digital marketing industry.

She graduated in Business Management with a major in Digital Marketing in Auckland. 

Working with the digital era and social media tools, Mayline believes that the key to keeping her mindset and techniques update comes from courses, studies and, always searching for relevant topics. 

To deliver great digital content and marketing strategies, she trusts in the power of knowledge. Here are some of the latest courses she completed, such as business management, content marketing dynamics, marketing on Instagram, producing podcasts, public relations, and small business marketing.

Her passion is about creating online content to reach more people and have a closer engagement with her audience. She trusts in the power of connecting people, sharing experiences, and help everyone to achieve better outcomes in life.

Mayline is from Brazil, she has been in New Zealand since 2016 and speaks three languages.