In The Media

In the Media

Bridgette Jackson, Founder of Equal Exes, is often in the media talking about her own experience, her Divorce Coaching business, and sharing her expert advice to help people with their relationships. Here are some of the media highlights, such as interviews, articles, podcasts, and more.

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Me and my money

News Hub - The importance for women to be financially aware and keep their hand in work.

Bad for business

NZ Herald - Bad for business: What divorce costs employers. The hidden cost to businesses in lost productivity.

He ended up with my pilates instructor

Capsule - The Divorce Diaries: ‘He Ended Up With My Pilates Instructor!’

Relationships during lockdown

NewsHub - Take time out, keep laughing: Expert tips for keeping your relationship thriving in lockdown.

Filing for divorce spikes

Stuff NZ - Filing for divorce spikes in the new year, but is there a better way to split?

Cash poor after divorce

Business Desk - Why so many women are being left women are being left penniless after divorce.

Blended families

The AM Show - A chat about the dynamics of blended families.

No love during the level 4

MSN Lifestyle - New international study shows lockdown taking its toll on relationships.

Turning heartache into a business venture

Daily Straits Podcast - A chat about relationships, business and prenups.

Couples and Covid-19 vaccines

Jono & Ben Podcast - What happens when a couple disagrees on the vaccine?

Ending a relationship

The AM Show - Breaking up with someone can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. How to end a relationship gracefully?

Online dating - Creating your profile

The AM Show - How to find love online in 2021, tips, red flags and how to create the best dating profile.

Relationships and ultimatums

The AM Show - When is the right time to give your partner an ultimatum and on what circumstances?

Discovered affair in our kitchen

Capsule NZ - The Divorce Diaries: “My daughter (and I) discovered my marriage was over when she saw her father having an affair… In our kitchen.”

Should I stay in the marriage?

Stuff NZ - The Divorce Diaries: Should I stay in my marriage for the sake of our kids even when I'm unhappy for a while?

The number one mistake when separating

Capsule NZ - The Divorce Diaries: The number one mistake women make when separating and the biggest mistake when having it land in your lap, unwanted.

The destructive cost of having an affair

Stuff NZ - Relationship expert details the destructive cost of having an affair, and how to cope if it happens to you.

Managing conflicts in the relationship

The Self-Love Club Podcast - Sage advice on managing any type of conflict on your relationship.

Should I stay or should I go?

Stuff NZ - The Divorce Diaries: Should I stay or should I go? Couples often leave it too late to seek help.

Emotional manipulation and gaslighting

The AM Show - The signs of emotional manipulation and how to stand up to gaslighting.

The effect of lockdown in relationships

Stuff NZ - The divorce pandemic: The stresses of lockdown has had devastating effect on marriages.