Parenting And Children

Children need certainty and stability. Your focus must be to ensure they are impacted as little as possible. Equal Exes Online will guide you through your choices in the best interests of your children.

Family scene. Parents divorce and fight

What is your situation now?

1 I am divorced or separated and I have children with my ex partner.

2 I am wanting to leave but I’m worried about the effects on the children.

3 I am part of a blended family and it is difficult to include our exes in the decision making.

4 I am part of a blended family and the children don’t get on.

5 I am part of a blended family and we have different parenting styles.

You need to do some careful thinking, regardless of which of these situations you are in.

Equal Exes Online will help guide your decisions so you make the right choice for you and the children.

Take our Parenting And Children Quiz

This will help you to work out how strongly you feel about the relationship and acting in the best interests of the children.  Based on your answers, it will make suggestions about things you can do. 

What is your situation now?

Read a case study

Don and Camilla are separated and have arguments about how late the children are allowed to stay up and what they eat at the other person’s house. They are communicating through the children and the “he said, she said” is really undermining trust. The children mis-behave and take advantage of their mutual animosity…

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I want more help

Move forward in your decision making with our Parenting And Children Workbook.

In this self-guided book we coach you through the issues and decisions you need to make. You will work at your own pace, and can edit and review your answers carefully so that at the end you are clearer about what choices are available to you and what your next steps can be.

The chapters include:

1 Co-parenting versus parallel parenting.

2 How to set boundaries.

3 What boundaries should be in place?

4 The parenting plan.

5 How to communicate with your ex.

Expert Advisors

Equal Exes Online works with a group of paid expert advisors who have strong track records in helping you address the issues and situations that arise during divorce and separation. Each has a different specialisation, area of expertise and different charging rates. One size does not fit all so we have collated this group of experts to help you find the best person for you who will give you the best advice.