Quiz: Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Instructional Guide

This will help you to work out how strongly you feel about separating or staying in your relationship. Based on your answers it will make suggestions about what you could do.

Get a piece of paper and for each question and jot down your answer - either A, B or C.

Do this for all the questions then scroll down the page.


Question 1

I don’t like it when my partner behaves in this way.

Question 2

I suspect there’s another person involved with my partner.

Question 3

Money causes a lot of arguments and disagreements between us.


Click on the boxes to get your answer.

If You Mainly Answered A
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Sounds like you want to stay and have the energy to work together to resolve the issues you are facing.

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If You Mainly Answered B
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Leaving is the choice you have made and so your pathway is towards the exit.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call with Bridgette who can help you positively move forward with your separation.

If You Mainly Answered C
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You need to work out a few more things before making your decision about staying or going.

Once you have downloaded your FREE Should I Stay or Should I Go workbook then book your free 15 minute discovery call with Bridgette who can help you determine whether you stay or leave your relationship.

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