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What Our Clients are Saying
“Bridgette from Equal Exes is fantastic.  I went through a protracted high conflict, high stakes divorce and found myself frustrated at the legal advice I was getting, which at times seemed to inflame what was already a very volatile situation. I had been through court once, and spent thousands and thousands of dollars feeling like I was getting nowhere.  When I contacted Bridgette she was amazing- she is regularly available, and always has practical, relatable advice. Bridgette has seen it all- in some ways she is a hybrid between a family lawyer and a counsellor.  After I engaged Equal Exes, I changed lawyers to someone more suited to my particular needs, and started to get some positive results.  My legal bills stopped climbing and I was able to focus more on myself and my children.”
What Bridgette has helped me achieve has literally been life-changing. I felt trapped, had tried to enact change in my relationship for coming up to 5 years, then I met Bridgette and from that point forward she kept me focused, strong and achieved a separation that will have a material difference in our lives. If it wasn’t for Bridgette we would all still be living a miserable existence under the same roof. Now we are all happy, confident, and settled.
Bridgette is able to openly and authentically lay on the table what is front of mind for me. To work it through without worrying that I'm overstepping friendship bounds, that it may change a friend's opinion of me, or get back to my ex-wife somehow. And, getting considered, insightful, intelligent advice and support from people who are experts in this area that is so foreign to me, is pure gold.
You cannot fathom the emotions you encounter as a divorce is such a rollercoaster. The tools and strategies Bridgette gave me help me navigate my journey from the start to the end of the process. She really took the burden off my shoulders.
I spent a whole year trying to find people who could help. Finally, I was put in touch with Bridgette. You could say she was my last resort. In my first consultation, I told her about my situation. It was just good to hear that someone understands and can help; it’s not just me going through it. I was lost and didn’t know which way to turn next. From being stuck and not being able to do anything, she’s given me some hope that things are going to get sorted in the future.
When I went and saw Bridgette, she completely understood me. I didn’t have to prove anything. Normally when I explain the situation I was in, people think it sounds crazy. But she’s been through it and has seen all walks of life go through divorces. By the time I reached Bridgette, I had already hit the end button – but she’s really the person you want to connect with when you think your marriage is going to implode, not after it already has. She wants to save people from going through what she and I both went through.
I reached out to Bridgette at the most stressful time in my life. I was not familiar with the NZ legal system. She helped me step by step through every aspect of the process. From finding the right lawyer, getting organised for divorce to managing my emotions. I am very grateful and fortunate that Bridgette was part of my journey. The amount of assistance and information she gave me was exceptional. She is very professional and always available when needed. I highly recommend Bridgette.
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