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The Process Of Separation

It’s a huge decision to end a relationship and separate.  You need good advice on the options available and the likely costs. Equal Exes Online will guide you through your choices so your future takes a better path.

What is your situation now?

1 I know we are separating but I don’t understand the options.

2 Someone mentioned a parenting plan and it sounds good and how do I get one?

3 I’m thinking about it but we are not legally married. What happens to the house we own?

4 My ex wants to go straight to court, this sounds expensive.

5 I think I need a lawyer to get divorced or separated. Is this true?

6 I want the children 70% of the time. But my ex wants them 50% of the time.

7 I don’t know what the steps are for getting separated and divorced.

You need to do some careful thinking, regardless of which of these situations you are in.  Equal Exes Online will help guide your decisions so you make the right choice for you.

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This will help you to work out your steps to separate, and what issues you might need to address along the way.  Based on your answers, we will make suggestions about things you can do.

What is your situation now?

Read a case study

John came home from work and found a note on the table – his wife and children were gone.  He didn’t know where they were or what he needed to do next. But she made it clear she was not coming back. John wasn’t sure how to choose his lawyer, what things he needed to do and how to sort out division of their property and a plan for their children.

Winnie has been told by her partner that he is leaving her.  He says he will take her to court if she doesn’t immediately agree to sell their house.  They don’t have children but she has put a lot of time and effort into renovating the home because she works part time.  She wants to try and stay there.

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I want more help

Move forward in your decision making with our Process Of Separation ebook.

In this ebook we explain the legal process of separation which applies to both married and defacto relationships.

The chapters include:

1 The first thing you MUST do.

2 Don't rely on recommendations for lawyers.

3 Why the right legal advisor is essential.

4 How lawyers usually charge.

Expert Advisors

Equal Exes Online works with a group of paid expert advisors who have strong track records in helping you address the issues and situations that arise during divorce and separation. Each has a different specialisation, area of expertise and different charging rates. One size does not fit all so we have collated this group of experts to help you find the best person for you who will give you the best advice.