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This week our CEO/Founder, Bridgette was featured in the NZ Woman’s Weekly talking about her experience of divorce, her business learnings and other challenges that her and her family have faced over the last few years.

Here is the NZ’s woman’s weekly magazine article!

Here are some of the tips that Bridgette shared in the NZ’s Woman’s Weekly Magazine.


  1. Work with a Divorce Coach/Settlement Strategist: they can help you take the high road and make the best possible decisions for you and your children.
  2. Are you working? Consider staying employed or volunteering to keep your skills up to date and your own independence.
  3. Know exactly how much your spouse earns: copy tax returns, bank statements and other documents so you have information on current finances.
  4. Make a list of all major items that could be assets .e.g. furniture, jewelry, artwork cars etc.
  5. Open your own bank account, with a different bank.
  6. Know your household budget and expenses: If possible go through your accounts for the past 12 months, write down your mortgage, utility costs and other household expenses for each month. Keep track of the cash you spend on a daily basis.
  7. Anyone can be the victim of domestic violence.  If you are the victim of domestic violence, develop a safety plan before you leave.  A plan can reduce the risk of you and your children being harmed. Download Equal Exes safety plan here.
  8. Examine your own credit history – If you do not have credit cards in your own name, apply for them now, use them and establish your own credit history.  If you have a poor credit history, try to pay creditors and improve your own credit rating prior to divorce.
  9. Build a “nest egg” of your own – You should always have access to money of your own. If your spouse moves out and stops paying bills, you will need to pay them until temporary support orders can be entered.  If you are the one who is going to file for divorce, you’ll need money for a retainer.  Start saving now and, if necessary, plan to initiate divorce proceedings when you have built up a nest egg of your own.
  10. Put your kids at the top of your agenda – During the divorce process, keep your children’s routines as normal as possible.  If you and your spouse cannot be together with the children without arguing, create a schedule of separate times for each of you to be with the children.  Stay involved (or become involved) in your children’s school, sports and social activities.  Do not bad mouth your spouse to your children.  Put your children first in your life.

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