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Toxic Ex

How do you know if you’re in a toxic relationship? Learn the skills and strategies to deal with and move on from a Toxic Ex. Equal Exes Online can help guide you through your choices so your future takes a better path.

What is your situation now?

1 My partner yells at me lot and / or hits me/ throws or breaks things/ calls me names. Is this normal?

2 I find myself so annoyed with my partner that I react even when I really don’t want to.

3 I used to go out with my friends for fun or weekends away but my partner said I have to stay home.

4 The children are acting up and copying our behaviour.

5 A close family member/ friend said something to me about both our behaviors which shocked me.

6 My partner is trying to alienate turn the children against me.

7 There is probably criminal behavior going on and I’ve seen it first hand.

You need to do some careful thinking, regardless of which of these situations you are in. Sometimes you feel like your reactions are the problem, but with a toxic ex we often find they are playing you. We can help you work through this very challenging situation that you are in.

Take our Toxic Ex Quiz

This will help you to work out your approach to conflict situations, whether you are in a toxic relationship regardless of the personality types involved. Based on your answers, it will make suggestions about things you can do.

What is your situation now?

Read a case study

Simon was at his wits end. Every single day his ex partner sends him 100 texts and 50 emails abusing him about leaving her. Then she contacted all his family and told them what an awful husband and father he was…

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I want more help

Move forward in your decision making with our Toxic Ex Workbook.

In this self-guided book we coach you through the issues and decisions you need to make. You will work at your own pace, and can edit and review your answers carefully so that at the end you are clearer about what choices are available to you and what your next steps can be.

The chapters include:

1 Understanding a toxic relationship.

2 Identify the triggers to conflict.

3 Work out the dynamics of conflict so you can minimise their occurrence.

4 How to assess your approach and reaction to conflict.

5 Learn strategies to have assertive and constructive conversations.

6 Identify enablers and barriers to your strategies.

Expert Advisors

Equal Exes Online works with a group of paid expert advisors who have strong track records in helping you address the issues and situations that arise during divorce and separation. Each has a different specialisation, area of expertise and different charging rates. One size does not fit all so we have collated this group of experts to help you find the best person for you who will give you the best advice.