What are the signs that your relationship is over?

What are the signs that your relationship may be over?

Divorce and separation will be one of the most challenging things that you’ll go through in life. Its ugly, its confronting and we usually stay in relationships longer than we should in order to avoid the discomfort.

The following section describes some classic signs and behaviours to look out for to help you decide whether you should stay or go.

The following is a summary of classic signs. Take note of those that apply to you. If most of them apply, chances are, you’re ready to leave.

(   ) You hide your real self.
(   ) You play the blame game.
(   ) You’re putting on a front.
(   ) You want to provoke your partner.
(   ) Everything and everyone else comes first.
(   ) You feel anxious.
(   ) It’s “I” and “me” and never “we”.
(   ) They stop being your “go-to” person.
(   ) You don’t want to forgive.
(   ) You’re constantly wondering if you should go.
(   ) You don’t listen to each other.
(   ) One or both of you have unrealistic expectations or hidden agendas.
(   ) One of you stops engaging or talking with the other.
(   ) You are depressed.
(   ) Your unfaithful spouse keeps an ex-lover as a friend.
(   ) You have already “uncoupled” from each other.
(   ) There’s a lack of respect in the relationship.
(   ) You are no longer able to communicate with each other.
(   ) You have a decrease in frequency and quality of intimacy.
(   ) You are constantly daydreaming about being single.

How many of the signs are apparent in your relationship? This is not to suggest that your relationship is over though it can be confronting when you can recognise signs in your own relationship. Equal Exes can help you to see if these signs really mean something and how you might move forward.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start in the separation process?

Whether you are on the fence about whether you should leave or not, are a couple who want to go through the process amicably, or are already embroiled in a messy separation, we would love to help.